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We bring true financial inclusion to everyone

By ‘everyone’ we mean not just those with access to a smartphone, or those who live close to an agent… Genuinely everyone. Our ‘Swifin’ solution is channel agnostic, and directly addresses the problem of interoperability. Corporates and other institutions – like microfinance institutions and development agencies – will find that we can help them be more efficient in their operations through the use of our comprehensive mobile payments technology.

We believe that having access to financial tools will help create wealth for individuals and allow communities to grow and flourish. Working with a pride in our corporate responsibility and a customer first attitude, along with world class technology gives us a really unique proposition.

We are smart enough to know that we can not do this alone, so we work hand in glove with our partners on the ground to reach as far and wide as possible, into rural areas where traditional banks cannot reach. This way we can bring simple yet effective and secure services to everyone, and introduce new technology in a way that is understanding of the local community.

Our core strength is our ability to go beyond peer-to-peer service. Our technology is one of the best available in the market that allows corporates to solve the problems related to cash-based payments. We provide opportunities for companies to integrate this mobile payments solution into their supply chain processes.

Passion is the driving force behind all that we do and we will make a positive difference to millions of people all over the globe..

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